A Source/Header Files Synchronizer for Sublime Text 3

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A source/header files synchronizer for Sublime Text 3


Important Notes

You must open your workspace as a group you selected

For example: You select to open all files in group 1, then you must set your workspace to group 2 (View > Groups > Max Columns: 2)


The following commands can be accessed via Command Palette (Control+Shift+P or Super+Shift+P) only

How it's work

When you activate a view, CAside will looking for a file from current view and try to find a correspond target file (For example, when you open a .c file, CAside will looking for .h file) if a file is found, it will open on a new group as you assign in settings file.

CAside in action



You can install CAside via Sublime Package Control or by clone this repository into your Sublime Text 3 / Packages folder

git clone git://

PACKAGES_PATH is related to folder which can be accessed via the Preference > Browse Packages...


Settings are accessed via the Preferences > Package Settings > CAside or via command palette by type "Preference CAside"

Default settings should not be modified. However, you can copy the relevant settings into CAside user settings file